This blog was inspired by a social network friend and a great spiritual inspiration (though she may not know it). I had a passion for writing, especially poems but it has fizzled out over the years. My focus was always positive/Christian poetry, and with this blog I look forward to returning to my first love. Now being a lot more mature spiritually I know I can do even better than before, bringing a different view to the most common things in the world today. I will speak like Paul and say; I will not come to you here as one with the best approach or with the greatest gifting in writing, advising, or anything else. But I come as one totally dependent on God and His grace that’s available, Indeed I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Being a lover of music and a rapper myself and someone who prefers to preach Christ unconventionally, we would look at all sorts. The idea is just to build ourselves up in the matters that most affect us as believers or unbelievers (as the case may be). “Iron sharpens iron”.

My name is Obie, A.K.A Uncommon… And I’m a Christ Fanatic.

Welcome to My View..


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