My Friend

Posted: March 21, 2013 in Poems
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I wrote this a while back, let me share this here now…

I’ll give you a testimony about my friend

He taught me a lot and brought a lot of my problems to an end

When he was here it was like he did no harm

Even in difficult times he remained calm

When I expected a sigh he gave a smile

..The first time I saw him angry

Was when he caught some folks messing around with his fathers property

…. They plotted to put him away

And I must confess they had thier way

They put him to death

But…. But it didnt end there..

They didnt get the whole story

They didnt know that by killing Him, they only activated his mercy

And released his glory

Now, I don’t have to walk with him physically

He lives in me, like pharoah lived in misery

With Him I have more power than Ceaser

…. Folks, the name of my Friend is JESUS !



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