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Grace Junkie

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I’ve had this nice design for a while, but all of a sudden as I looked at it today I started thinking. Out of no where what I had seen like a thousand times became a puzzle, I just couldn’t shake it, as a matter of fact I still cant. What is grace to begin with? From teachings and messages in church we’re taught that grace is “God’s undeserved favour”, “God’s ability for our inability”. As I answered that another question popped up in my head; What is a junkie? I quickly got up to get the dictionary meaning of the word; “A person with a compulsive habit or obsessive dependency on something”.. hmmm. This one had me quiet for a while because it suddenly hit me, If I had a compulsive habit or obsessive dependency on God I wouldn’t worry about anything. If I was truly a grace junkie I would be the happiest, most relaxed guy on earth, because lets face it God never fails. Things may not always go our expected way, or how we feel is best but it actually always goes the best way for us once its God’s way.

I realised if only we can trust God, not relying on our talents, connections, looks, good deeds, families etc and just submit totally, rely exclusively on God’s grace we would definitely be the light of the world as we have been called to be as believers. When you make that mistake, shake off the guilt and self pity, He doesn’t love you because your good, He love you before you even knew Him. He came and died even before you were born, He died and washed away the sins of the world even before the world accepted Him. You are the righteousness of God through Christ (2 Cor 5:21).

How much easier it would be when we realise that God can handle it all, and not just that He can but that He would love to handle it all. I now know that where I am now has nothing to do with my skills or good deeds but all to do with God’s unshakeable love and grace.

And as the design says, I pray to truly be a Grace Junkie. I pray we all get to that level of total dependence on the one sure foundation.


I wrote this a while back, and just decided to share and edit it….

*I do not seek to have riches like any man that has been on earth..
But if i must have let it be like that of Solomon.
*I do not seek to believe or have faith like any man that has been on earth..
But if i must let it be like Abraham.
*I do not seek to be versatile like any man that has been on earth..
But if i must be let it be like Otto Paul Adah.
*I do not seek to have wisdom like any man that has been on earth..
But if i must have let it be like Solomon..
*I do not seek to be a father like any man that has been on earth..
But if i must be let it be like Abraham.
*I do not seek to be a living legend like any man that has been on earth..
But if i must be let it be like Nelson Mandela

….Greats have come and gone after leaving a mark, I’ve seen and read thier stories. But now is the time for mine, my own way..
For I don’t need to walk in the shoes of any man on earth but in the the light of He who made the earth
I’m Unique…


..The essence of this was to get myself to confront the status quo. And publishing it now is to get to others who can relate to this. Ever been in a position where you were applauded but felt deep down that you didn’t do you best? Knew deep down you could much better?? Well get out of that place, remember “in the land of the blind a one eyed man is an idol”. You may need to change those you spend most of your time with, you may need to upgrade you friends and colleagues. You can do much more, no body is better than you, just like the greats you’ve heard about you too have a lovely story the world would love to read about. Be Different, Be the Best!!

I wrote this a while back, let me share this here now…

I’ll give you a testimony about my friend

He taught me a lot and brought a lot of my problems to an end

When he was here it was like he did no harm

Even in difficult times he remained calm

When I expected a sigh he gave a smile

..The first time I saw him angry

Was when he caught some folks messing around with his fathers property

…. They plotted to put him away

And I must confess they had thier way

They put him to death

But…. But it didnt end there..

They didnt get the whole story

They didnt know that by killing Him, they only activated his mercy

And released his glory

Now, I don’t have to walk with him physically

He lives in me, like pharoah lived in misery

With Him I have more power than Ceaser

…. Folks, the name of my Friend is JESUS !


My First Post

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Good morning…

This blog was inspired by a social network friend and a great spiritual inspiration (though she may not know it). I had a passion for writing, especially poems but it has fizzled out over the years. My focus was always positive/Christian poetry, and with this blog I look forward to returning to my first love. Now being a lot more mature spiritually I know I can do even better than before, bringing a different view to the most common things in the world today. I will speak like Paul and say; I will not come to you here as one with the best approach or with the greatest gifting in writing, advising, or anything else. But I come as one totally dependent on God and His grace that’s available, Indeed I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Being a lover of music and a rapper myself and someone who prefers to preach Christ unconventionally, we would look at all sorts. The idea is just to build ourselves up in the matters that most affect us as believers or unbelievers (as the case may be). “Iron sharpens iron”.

My name is Obie, A.K.A Uncommon… And I’m a Christ Fanatic.

Welcome to My View..